Growing pleasure

Everything from a single source and every stage of processing takes place in Germany. This means that we can always guarantee you the highest quality. Our parent animals are housed in the parent animal farms around our hatchery in Ermke.

During the rearing and the laying activity, the breeding animals are vaccinated, so that they pass their acquired immunity on to the ducklings through the hatching egg. This means that our fattening ducklings are well protected and the fattening process takes place without any problems. Because only a healthy duckling can grow into a vigorous, healthy fattened duck!

Our animal keeping standards are specially adjusted to the needs of our Peking ducks, which means that they are optimally guided through their development phases. This also includes the feed, which is specially adjusted to the phases of the ducks' life and is subject to the stringent controls of the Wichmann feed laboratory as well as external institutes. Well cared for the ducks grow and can be slaughtered when fully mature with a weight of approx. 3 kg.

After slaughtering, our Wichmann ducks are graded according to size classes, prepared for packaging, individually packed and labelled. The labelling of the products and outer cases enables them to be traced right back to the hatchery. In this way, quality standards can be safely and reliably maintained. Possible sources of error are quickly identified and can be eliminated immediately.

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