Everything from Germany!

We are proud of this.

At Wichmann, we consistently work according to the strict guidelines of an integrated concept, which is represented by the 5 x D label.


The 5 Ds mean all 5 production stages in Germany:


  • Parent animals from Germany
  • Hatching in Germany
  • Fattening in Germany
  • Feed from Germany
  • Slaughtering in Germany


The rearing of parent animals, the hatching and fattening of the water fowl, the production of the feed used and the slaughtering of the animals all take place under prescribed conditions in Germany. The individual steps are each carried out under our own responsibility and control. In general, medicines are not used during the rearing and fattening of the animals. As part of the integrated concept, Wichmann Enten GmbH has joined the Orgainvent system for the "origin labelling and traceability of poultry meat" under participant number 60009-1. The correct use of this concept is checked regularly by an independent, accredited certification organisation.


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